Christopher Paolini campaigns for Disney to green light new Eragon adaptation

Christopher Paolini’s dragon-riding tale captivated millions of young readers in the 2000s, and like many popular book franchises, it received a widescreen adaptation. But fans never felt like the Eragon movie did justice to the books.

Now they’re campaigning for an Eragon TV show on Disney Plus – through the power of Twitter.

Paolini recently said on the Flights Through Alagaësia podcast in May:

“I’m pushing very hard and there are some movements online to do a tweetstorm or get a hashtag trending and see if we can get Disney’s attention. That stuff does work, you know, it really does work. It lets the studio know that there’s a fanbase, that they’re active, that they’re engaged and that they care about the material.”

The tweetstorm currently happening today (20th June) involves flooding Twitter with enthusiastic posts, highlighting the desire for a new adaptation.

Eragon is the first book in The Inheritance Cycle.

The book tells the story of a farm boy named Eragon, who finds a mysterious stone in the mountains. The stone is revealed to be a dragon egg, and a dragon he later names Saphira hatches from it. When the evil King Galbatorix finds out about the egg, he sends monstrous servants to acquire it, making Eragon and Saphira flee from their hometown with a storyteller named Brom. Brom, an old member of an extinct group called the Dragon Riders, teaches Eragon about ‘The Ways of the Rider

A film adaptation of Eragon was released in the United States on December 15, 2006. Plans to create the film were first announced in February 2004, when 20th Century Fox (now owned by Disney) purchased the rights to Eragon. The film was directed by first-timer Stefen Fangmeier, and written by Peter Buchman.

Edward Speleers was selected for the role of Eragon and starred Jeremy Irons, Sienna Guillory, Robert Carlyle, Djimon Hounsou, Garrett Hedlund, Joss Stone and John Malkovich, with Rachel Weisz as the voice of Saphira the dragon.

The film received mostly negative reviews, garnering a 16% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Eragon was supposed to be the first in a franchise based on Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle book series with Fangmeirer shooting both Eldest and Brisingr back-to-back.

However, following the poor reception of Eragon on its release, the planned franchise was cancelled.

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