The Complete ‘Phantasm’ Blu-ray collection to be re-released

The Phantasm Sphere Collection is being re-released this summer.

This set from Well Go USA includes all five films in Don Coscarelli‘s franchise, along with an officially authorised, full-scale replica of the original Phantasm killer sphere prop.

The new limited-edition collection of the classic Phantasm films includes a scale-replica of the Phantasm sphere. This sphere was sized to the exact measurements of a screen-used prop in Don Coscarelli’s personal collection.

The Phantasm Sphere Collection also debuts a new 4k scan from the original camera negative of PHANTASM II. For the first time ever, this new transfer of Don Coscarelli’s director’s cut includes the never-before-seen X-rated sphere/gore sequence banned by the MPAA at the time of it’s theatrical release. Coscarelli supervised and approved this new transfer. Experience PHANTASM II like never before.

Special Features: New 7.1 Dolby Atmos – New Dunes Cantina Party commentary featuring Don Coscarelli and the cast and crew of Phantasm – New Phantasm: A Horse Drawn Hearse – new HD master of Angus Scrimm in black and white flashback footage – Audio Commentary with director Don Coscarelli and stars Angus Scrimmm, Reggie Bannister, A. Michael Baldwin and Bill Thornbury – Graveyard Carz episode featuring custom Phantasm tribute ‘Cuda’ – Behind the Scenes Home Movies with commentary by Coscarelli and Reggie Bannister – Deleted Scenes and more…

Special Features: New 4k scan of the original camera negative, supervised and approved by Don Coscarelli – New Director’s Cut with never-before-released X-rated sphere/gore sequence – Audio Commentary with director Don Coscarelli and stars Agnus Scrimm and Reggie Bannister – The Ball is Back and The Gory Days featurettes – Deleted Scenes – Additional scenes from the original work print cut – Behind the Scenes footage and more…

Special Features: Audio Commentary with director Don Coscarelli and editor Norman Buckley – Audio Commentary with actors A. Michael Baldwin and Angus Scrimm – It’s Never Over: The Making of Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead – Balls of Steel–Bob Ivy’s Stunt for the ages – Behind the Scenes Footage – Deleted Scene and more…

Special Features: Audio Commentary with writer/director Don Coscarelli and stars Reggie Banister and Angus Scrimm – Death is No Escape: The Making of PHANTASM IV: OBLIVION – Behind the Scenes footage – Promo and Trailer

SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary with director/co-writer David Hartman and co-writer/producer Don Coscarelli – The Making of PHANTASM: RAVAGER – Interviews with actors A. Michael Baldwin, Kat Lester and Stephen Jutras – Deleted Scenes – Behind the Scenes – Bloopers – Outtakes and more…

SPECIAL FEATURES: NEW Phantasm: Ravager – How It Was Made–feature-length documentary – Phantasm and You–a comic recap on the first four Phantasm films by PHANTASM: RAVAGER director David Hartman – Phantasmagoria – Phantasmagorical Mystery Tour with Reggie Bannister

Get your copy of The Phantasm Sphere Collection on Amazon US now.

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