13 Reasons Why star comes out as transgender

13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman has come out publicly as transgender.

The 29-year-old actor, who starred as Ryan Shaver on the hit Netflix series has opened up about her gender identity in a new interview with TIME.

Dorfman, who previously came out as non-binary in 2017 said:

“For a year now, I have been privately identifying and living as a woman – a trans woman. It’s funny to think about coming out, because I haven’t gone anywhere. I view today as a reintroduction to me as a woman, having made a transition medically.”

Coming out is always viewed as this grand reveal, but I was never not out. Today is about clarity: I am a trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. My name is Tommy.”

Despite making a career out of playing male-presenting roles on TV in series such as Insatiable and Love, Victor, Tommy says she won’t be accepting such roles going forward – though she admits she previously worried about the impact that transitioning might have on her career.

“It’s impossible for me to separate my personal and professional transition, because my body and face are linked to my career. I’m most recognized for playing a bitchy gay poet on a soap opera, and I feared that by actively transitioning in my personal life, I would lose whatever career I’ve been told I’m supposed to have.

But I’m no longer interested in playing ‘male’ characters—except for maybe in a ‘Cate Blanchett playing Bob Dylan’ way. Sometimes you just have to say, ‘No, this is just who I f**cking am’.”

Read the full interview with Tommy Dorfman at TIME.

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