Noel Clarke officially removed from his production company ‘Unstoppable’

Noel Clarke has officially been removed  from his production company, Unstoppable Film and TV, following multiple sexual misconduct and bullying allegations that emerged against the British actor this spring.

A spokesperson for  All3Media (the company behind the hit show Fleabag), which backed Unstoppable in 2018, told Variety:

“Noel Clarke has left Unstoppable Film and TV. Jason Maza has also left the company.”

The Discovery and Liberty Global-owned All3Media began investigating Clarke immediately after an investigation by British newspaper The Guardian was published in late April. He was swiftly suspended from his company, alongside Maza, who ran the company with Clarke. Sources tell Variety that junior production staff at Unstoppable have already moved on to new roles at other companies, or are in the process of doing so. It’s believed that All3Media is looking at the various projects that were in development at the London-based outfit, and trying to figure out next steps. The company was behind the hit Clarke produced/written TV show Bulletproof which aired on major networks in the UK & US among other projects in development.

Clarke issued an apology statement though continues to deny all allegations made against him.

Actor Noel Clarke issues apology following misconduct allegations

Bulletproof and Viewpoint cancelled following Noel Clarke allegations





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