Video Game Inspired Movies Of All Time

It used to be a challenge to make a list of a-list video game movies because some of them didn’t do adequate justice. However, new Hollywood directors are beginning to see and understand the importance of adequately representing these worlds and characters. 

So, here’s a chance to exchange your gamepads for a bowl of popcorn for a bit. Check out these favourite Video Game Inspired Movies Of All Time.

Mortal Kombat

It’s common knowledge that most fans of Mortal Kombat are there for the blade slashes, uppercuts, and knockouts. The movie did well to highlight the fight scenes. The dialogue in this 2021 adaptation could have been better, but it’s pardonable as the fight scenes make up for that.

With a new addition – Cole Young (Lewis Tan), and an exciting destiny to fight in competition, there’ll definitely be some more familiar faces in the fights in due time.


Although called the Lord of the Rings-lite, the movie grossed a whopping 439 million USD, and some have classified this as the best-performing video game adaptation of all time. With such a big shoe to fill from the video game, the movie still took a chance and stood on it, albeit okay. Under the leadership of the legendary Duncan Jones, the Blizzard’s jewel still has its luring appeal.

Resident Evil

There are many Resident Evil movies, and they all strike a chord with the original video game. Although some details of the Resident Evil video world are left to our imagination while streamlining the lore and dialogue, the movie – at least most of them go to great lengths to capture the zombie-killing action.

The set pieces come fast as they should be, and if sequels are set up, they will definitely be worth the watch. A worthy mention is Milla Jovovich as Alice.

Tomb Raider 

The all-time favourite video game comes to our screens with Alicia Vikander as Lara. Set in London and tombs in a lost kingdom, this movie didn’t quite catch the ‘mind blowing action movie’ wave.

The main character seemed to be less enthusiastic about raiding tombs than the all-time favourite character in the video game. However, there’s a chance for more sequels down the line, and that’s something big to look forward to.

Sonic the Hedgehog

There were rumours of an initial subpar plan for Sonic the Hedgehog. Thankfully, the producers wiped the slate clean and realigned. The star-studded cast with killer voice-overs and top-notch acting were some of the icings on the cake that grabbed the attention of fans and audiences.

Like the video game, the movie shows the classic storyline of working with the ever-optimistic sheriff to track the blue blur’s lost rings with Dr. Robotnic on their trail. Sequels are set to be in motion, and we hope not to be underwhelmed!

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