‘Scream: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks’ LP set available for pre order

While we all eagerly await the release of the upcoming Scream movie, Varèse Sarabande revisits Marco Beltrami’s masterful scores from the horror franchise’s first four films with Scream: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks.

The 4-LP set—pressed on blood-red vinyl with black smoke swirls—dedicates a full album to each film and includes two hours of unreleased material!

The box set will be released June 10 and is available for pre-order today.

The first-ever box set for the Scream franchise’s original score features 3 hours of music (over 80% new to vinyl) with each of the four films getting a dedicated LP. Each record is pressed on translucent red vinyl with black smoke, placed into heavy full-color sleeves and then housed within a die-cut wraparound package that expands to a huge 3′ x 2′ image of the mask of Ghostface on the front and new notes with classic film stills on the reverse. A must-own for Scream fans!

Official item information from VareseSarabande.com:

Scream was perfectly pitched when it came out in 1996: written by Kevin Williamson and directed by horror master Wes Craven, it was a self-aware send-up of the slasher genre as well as a perfectly executed example of it—and became a huge hit that defined a moment in time. It revitalized the horror genre and led to a franchise, with follow-up films Scream 2 (1997), Scream 3 (2000) and Scream 4 (2011), plus a fifth on the way.

Scream was the breakthrough score for Marco Beltrami, whose avant-garde orchestral techniques and cinematic instincts created a suspense–horror style perfectly suited for the franchise—and not surprisingly led to a major Hollywood career for Beltrami, still going strong. The score is eerie and creepy one moment, evocative and haunting the next—then lurches into pulse-pounding action. It is timeless and sophisticated, befitting modern concert music, while staying intense and pulse-pounding for contemporary audiences.

Beltrami returned for the second, third and fourth Scream films, all of which had their scores released by Varèse Sarabande. Now, all four Beltrami Scream scores are compiled into new programs specially sequenced for LP presentation across four vinyl platters. New liner notes by Jim Lochner (incorporating a new interview with Beltrami) are presented inside a shocking, fold-out Ghostface mask.

LP 1: Scream
Side A:
1. Dimension Logo (0:19)
2. The Cue from Hell (10:33)
3. Trouble in Woodsboro (1:52)
4. Red Herring (2:13)
5. Chasing Sidney (1:29
6. Backdoor Gale (0:49)
7. Schoolyard 2 (1:17)
8. Bathroom (2:58)

Side B:
1. Sheriff and Dewey (1:21)
2. Tatum’s Torture (2:46)
3. Sidney Wants It (3:09)
4. Killer Stabs Billy (2:50)
5. They’re Crazy (9:42)
6. End Credit Material (1:40)

LP 2: Scream 2
Side A:
1. Opening (0:47)
2. Maureen Steals the Show (1:47)
3. Your Lucky Day (0:49)
4. Sid and Randy Talk (1:06)
5. Introducing Gale Again (1:09)
6. Sid and Dewey Talk (2:20)
7. Dewey’s Theme (1:39)
8. Cici Gets the Call (2:57)
9. Derek at Hospital (1:20)
10. Murder in the Van (4:06)
11. Joel Quits (3:39)

Side B:
1. Dewey and Gale Attacked (6:43)
2. Sid Says Goodbye (1:49)
3. Showdown (3:17)
4. The Big Showdown (8:01)
5. Scream 2 Theme (1:26)

LP 3: Scream 3
Side A:
1. Here We Go Again (0:49)
2. Cotton Car (2:25)
3. Cotton Gets Picked (2:22)
4. Home on the Range (2:00)
5. Sunset Pictures (full version) (1:46)
6. Sidney’s Nightmare (1:56)
7. Candy Ain’t so Sweet (0:54)
8. Gale Spies on Dewey (1:27)
9. Comparing Photos (1:26)
10 On the Set (0:49)
11. Home Sweet Home (1:46)
12. Killer in the Closet (2:32)
13. Mother’s Room (1:00)

Side B:
1. The Fall Girl (1:09)
2. Gale & Dewey Drive to Milton a.k.a At the Station (3:14)
3. Dewey Mobile (1:15)
4. Ghostface Attacks (2:24)
5. Ghostface vs. Jennifer (1:18)
6. Sidney’s Call (3:18)
7. Boom Boom Out Go Lights (4:43)
8. Sid Wears a Dress (2:47)
9. Sid’s Theme (reprise) (0:49)

LP 4: Scream 4
Side A:
1. You’re Not Real (5:44)
2. Cheating on My Diet / Woodsboro 2010 (2:50)
3. When You Let Someone Go (1:36)
4. Which Closet? (4:32)
5. You Are the Message (3:14)
6. Everything’s Under Control (1:18)
7. I Know How You Feel (2:31)

Side B:
1. I Got It, Right (3:59)
2. Your Ingenue Days Are Over (5:46)
3. The After-After Party (3:16)
4. Touch and Go (2:52)
5. Don’t Spoil It, Pt. 2 (3:58)
6. Don’t Fuck With the Original (1:55)

Pre order your copy on Amazon US now.

You can also pre order Bryan Tyler‘s brand new score for Scream 2022 on Amazon US now.

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