Classic Doctor Who actor dies

British actor Stewart Bevan, best known for his performances in both film and television has died aged 73.

His extensive career include the films Brannigan (1975), The Ghoul (1975), House of Mortal Sin (1976), Ivanhoe (1982), Chromophobia (2005) and The Scouting Book for Boys (2009) while on television, he is best known for playing Clifford Jones in Doctor Who (1973) and Ray Oswell in Emmerdale (1977).

Bevan played Clifford Jones in the Doctor Who television story The Green Death and in the 2004 DVD extra, Global Conspiracy?, 30 years later.

Cliff was a brilliant Welsh biologist and mycologist. He published a paper on DNA synthesis which the Third Doctor admired for being advanced relative to the 20th century Earth standard. He became a Nobel laureate.

He also voiced Inspector Nettles in the Big Finish Iris Wildthyme audio story Midwinter Murders and BOSS in the Torchwood audio story The Green Life.

Prior to filming Doctor Who Bevan became engaged to Katy Manning, reflecting the plot of their joint appearance in Doctor Who in which Manning’s character left the series to marry Bevan’s character.

In 2019, Bevan reprised his role as Clifford Jones opposite Manning in a trailer for the Doctor Who Season 10 Blu-Ray box-set in which he and Manning also feature in a documentary where they revisit the filming locations for The Green Death. In 2020, the pair starred in another trailer in their roles from Doctor Who, this time for the Season 8 Blu-Ray box-set.

Aside from Doctor Who Bevan’s TV roles included: Public Eye, Secret Army, Shoestring, Blake’s 7, The Enigma Files, Ivanhoe, Airline, The Gentle Touch, Casualty, Silent Witness and Murder in Mind.

Bevan has also made many appearances in theatre including in Chase Me, Comrade, The Taming of the Shrew, Under Milk Wood, The Importance of Being Earnest, Come and Be Killed (1972), Fatal Affair (1974), Candida (1977) and Deathtrap in 2002 with David Soul and Susan Penhaligon.

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