The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Series (Collector’s Edition) coming to Blu-Ray

Hit 70’s sci-fi show The Six Million Dollar Man is getting a new lease of life on Blu-Ray with the release of The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Series (Collector’s Edition)from Shout Factory.

The Six Million Dollar Man was an American science fiction and action television series, running from 1973 to 1978, about a former astronaut, USAF Colonel Steve Austin, portrayed by Lee Majors. After a NASA test flight accident, Austin is rebuilt with superhuman strength, speed and vision due to bionic implants and is employed as a secret agent by a fictional U.S. government office titled OSI.The series was based on Martin Caidin’s 1972 novel Cyborg, which was the working title of the series during pre-production.

Following three television films intended as pilots, which all aired in 1973, The Six Million Dollar Man television series aired on the ABC network as a regular episodic series for five seasons from 1974 to 1978. Steve Austin became a pop culture icon of the 1970s.

A spin-off television series, The Bionic Woman, featuring the lead female character Jaime Sommers, ran from 1976 to 1978. Three television movies featuring both bionic characters were also produced from 1987 to 1994.

This 33-Blu-ray set includes all 99 episodes, the 3 pilot films, 3 reunion films and bonus crossover episodes of The Bionic Woman.

The set is due for release on July 12th 2022.

Pre-order now from Amazon USA

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