‘Paranormal Activity: The Ultimate Chills Collection’ complete BluRay set to be released

For the first time in one complete set ‘Paranormal Activity: The Ultimate Chills Collection’, all 7  PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies come together, including—exclusive to this box set—the latest thriller PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: NEXT OF KIN and the definitive documentary UNKNOWN DIMENSION: THE STORY OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. The set is release by Paramount Home Entertainment.

Packed with chills and unexpected surprises, this must-have, limited-edition collection starts with the breakthrough original horror phenomenon that enticed audiences around the globe and continued with six uniquely spooky sequels.

Paranormal Activity is an American supernatural horror franchise consisting of eight films and additional media. Created by Oren Peli, the original film premiered in 2007 and was widely released in 2009. The films are typically based around various families who become haunted by the demon Asmodeus “Tobi” of the Book of Tobit, that stalks, terrifies and ultimately murders several members of the family and other bystanders during the course of the films. The series makes use of production cameras set up and used security cameras or other recording devices in an attempt to present the films as found footage.

The series has received overall mixed reviews across all films. The first and third films received generally positive critical reception, the second and fifth films received more mixed reviews, and the fourth, sixth and seventh received mostly negative reviews. The series was financially successful, making strong profits based on return on investment. The series as a whole has grossed over thirty times the overall budget.

A seventh mainline installment, titled Next of Kin, was released on October 29, 2021 to the Paramount+ streaming service, with an eighth installment, Paranormal Activity: The Other Side, set for an October 2022/23 release.

The set is due for release October 11th 2022.
Or October 24th 2022 in the UK.

Order now from Amazon USA or Amazon UK

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