RuPaul’s Drag Race star accused of stealing during Las Vegas show

A former contest of RuPaul’s Drag Race has been accused of stealing hundreds of dollars during a Drag Brunch performance in Las Vegas.

Bryan Watkins, known under his stage name as Shannel, has been accused of stealing a ‘wad of bills’ out of a woman’s purse during a performance at Señor Frog’s in Las Vegas on 13th August.

Watkins AKA Shannel is best known for competing on the first season of Drag Race and later the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars. He placed in the top four on both seasons.

The woman accusing Shannel of the theft has posted several videos) including Shannel removing money from her purse) on her TikTok account under her username Meggy Momma.

During the videos the amount of money alleged to have been taken varies from $700 – $1300.

Shannel after initially staying quiet on the situation took to social media today and released a statement video on Instagram. During the video Watkins categorically disputes the amount of money that was taken but apologises for the entire situation.

During the video Watkins states that he has been the subject of homophobic death threats since the original TikTok was released.

Voss Events who run many Drag Race themed events across the globe has not released an official statement as of yet but has spoken with ‘meggymomma’ privately and has offered her a settlement offer to end the saga.

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3 thoughts on “RuPaul’s Drag Race star accused of stealing during Las Vegas show

  1. Shannel Aka Bryan Watkins and I used to be the best of friends , we had multiple shows together , we spent nearly every day together in and out of drag, I’ve known shannel since 2008 and the one thing I can fully attest to is that Shannel is no thief , shannel has done this very purse skit for many many years , as well as myself and multiple other drag queens all over the country . Shannel has always returned the items and this woman making claims of this over exaggerated amount is completely ridiculous . Bryan has done drag for 30 years and has never needed to steal a dime, this routine may show him taking a few dollars , but i know Bryan and I know his intentions and he had he been given a chance instead of accused of stealing like the woman had done, would have eventually given her back her money, he has also made public statements , apologized and even tried to offer a refund for her and her 9 guest plus 700$ cash on top of it and that isn’t enough for her . Bryan should counter sue this woman for defamation and damages , Bryan is not a thief , never has been, doesn’t need to be , this was a gag gone wrong and nothing more and a money hungry woman who people are making out to be a victim when in reality she is riding the publicity and pitty party , she is ridiculous and I hope Bryan fights back and wins . This is laughable at best

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