Clerks 3 Interview: Scott Schiaffo

We last spoke to ‘Clerks’ actor Scott Schiaffo in 2014 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the film. We caught up with him again recently following the release of sequel Clerks 3 in which he reprises his role from the original film as the Chewlies Gum Rep.

“For me it is all about being plausible while being entertaining. I did not play it like comedy, I played it like my life was on the line, and the madness that ensued just made it that much more crazed!”


Scott most recently had a fun brief cameo in Jay & Silent Reboot and has appeared in many independent films and shorts; including another notable character part as Travis Lee in the film Vulgar(2000) from director Bryan Johnson and executive producers Kevin Smith/Scott Mosier.

Clerks hit our screens 28 years ago, what effect has the film had on your life and career over that time?

In the early to mid 90s it put me on the map as a character actor – which is so very important to any actor in order to move forward and also continue being considered for film roles.


Winning at Sundance and getting a lot of attention at the time was worth it’s weight in gold as far as marketing myself as a working actor. Of course the wonderful long term effect is that many generations of film fans have since embraced the film and that is a real dream come true type scenario.

Did you ever think in 1994 that we would now be talking about a third Clerks movie?

Never in a million years! And that is regardless I believed in the film and that it was very special and would find it’s “cult” audience. But I never dreamed it’d would break through and actually become much more of a mainstream success spawning 2 sequels!

What was it like to reunite with the cast of Clerks and Kevin Smith for your appearance in ‘Jay & Silent Bob Reboot’?

The-Clerks-panel-at-Chronic-Con-in-Jay-and-Silent-Bob-Reboot (2)

The “gag’ of having us at a “Clerks” reunion panel was meta on many levels. I never dreamed I’d someday cameo in a Kevin Smith film essentially playing “myself” Just bonkers man and we have the amazing supporters of Kevin’s films to thank for all of it! If you’re reading this THANK YOU!

How did you first hear about and become involved with Clerks 3 and what were your experiences like making the movie?


Clerks III had been kicking around in various iterations for several years however it was the success of the Reboot road show that really motivated Kevin to create this version of Clerks III and the awesome folks at Lions Gate getting behind him 100%. There was a huge amount of secrecy for the script and all I was ever given was the Chewlies scene, so like the first film I had no idea what came before or after!

What traits did you bring from your original performance  and how did you seek to develop the Character?

For me it is all about being plausible while being entertaining. I did not play it like comedy, I played it like my life was on the line, and the madness that ensued just made it that much more crazed!

What have your experiences been like with fans around the release of the new film?


View Askew fans are nothing if not 100% genuine, they really get it on deep levels and appreciate what Kevin does with his storytelling – he never panders regardless of how much fan service there is in the Reboot and to an extent in Clerks III. His integrity for the characters is endless. And the fan base have been so wonderfully supportive of ole Chewlies considering he is not a very likable character at all!

What do you think will be the future of these characters?

One thing I learned long ago is never say never in the View Askewniverse, and what a joy that the fan base is so loyal and overall very sweet!

What do you think about the unique release model Kevin Smith has for his films and why do you think people keep coming back to the View Askewniverse?

Funny that it is looked on as such a unique concept because the road show movie actually started back to the early 20th century. Films would tour with live performers and as well as the cast to promote the event, it made a screening much more of an event. Kevin knew he could marry his live show with the screenings and the fans get the ultimate experience – it’s really pretty amazing and yet at the same time it makes total sense.

Do you have any other recently released or upcoming projects?

Coming in the fall of 2022 by writer/director David Madison is a very new take on the werewolf genre, it is called “Full Moon Fever” and I play a character named Dr. Talbot which if you know your werewolf movie history is very much telling and a brilliant homage.

Also please check out on YouTube “The Deep State” web series and not long ago a film called “Darkness Waits” which is a wonderful indie horror with lots of style, of course I am partial but I believe the praise is due to Libmatic films for this one!

Find out more at

Scott’s CD ‘The Shoestring Serenade‘ is available on Amazon.

Also his audio-book ‘Vicious Dogs Attack Me in Sleepless Nights of Summer: A Collection of Prose, Tales, and Streams of Semi-Consciousness‘.

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