Review: Forbearance

“Forbearance” is director Lana Read’s third independent feature film. It is produced by female-led production company United Front Films and written by cancer-survivor Cedric Gegel. The cast features Vernon Wells (MAD MAX 2: THE ROAD WARRIOR, COMMANDO, POWER RANGERS) as Dr. George Ross, Paul Logan as Bo Erb, Juli Tapken as Callie Sunbury, Travis Hancock as Josh Sunbury, and Cedric Gegel as Jonah Sunbury.

FORBEARANCE is the story of a couple in crisis. With their marriage teetering on the edge of divorce, a teacher, Callie, and her factory worker husband, Josh, have their world rocked when Josh is suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer. Forced to reckon with Josh’s fractured relationship with their son, Jonah, Josh and Callie must overcome the effects of cancer, the tension between Callie and Josh’s best friend Bo, and what the world will look like for Callie when it has all been turned upside down.

This is a straight-up drama that revolves mainly around the relationship between the two main characters Callie and Josh and gives us a look at the conflicting feelings that come with losing a loved one, even where the relationship was troubled and poses the question ‘When’ is too late. This is clearly a very personal and important story for the film-makers and the story will ultimately be relatable to many. However the execution is somewhat lacking. Given how much time we spend with the main characters the story takes it time to introduce them to us to point where we care for them and the performances although dealing with some serious subject matter often felt slightly flat and forced. The production, especially the audio is also rough in places even for an independent production which detracts from the serious emotional core of the film. There are many things to reflect on and enjoy though especially in the third act where the characters find their peace.   


The film is available digitally now on multiple platforms including AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV, Vubiquity, Allin , Hoopla (libraries), Vudu, Xbox, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Amazon, iTunes.
Also available as DVD on,,, and



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