‘Batman: Caped Crusader’ animated series finds new home at Amazon Prime

Batman: Caped Crusader has found a new home at Amazon Prime, having been given a two-series order.

The animated series hails from Bruce TimmJJ Abrams and Matt Reeves and was sold to a streaming rival as part of Warner Bros. Discovery’s efforts to monetize content by selling projects to third-party buyers.

Batman: Caped Crusader was first announced in May 2021, and is said to harken back to Timm’s 1990s Batman: The Animated Series, which stands as a benchmark for the Dark Knight’s animated storytelling. Comic book scribe Ed Brubaker is among the creative team and ran a writer’s room and serves as Timm’s right hand on the 10-episode first season.

The show’s move comes after DC Studios bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran, who Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav hired late last year, seek to bring order to DC’s properties. The duo are plotting a 10-year plan to tell a unified story across film, TV, gaming and animation, though certain projects will fall outside of that realm. Those include Reeves’ The Batman Part II and HBO Max spinoff series The Penguin, and, naturally, fare liked Caped Crusader that is distributed outside of the company.

Caped Crusader‘s move to Amazon comes after Zaslav revealed his film studio would develop more Lord of the Rings movies. Amazon, coincidentally, controls the TV rights to the Lord of the Rings franchise, and now will count Warners’ Batman as part of its service.

‘Batman: Caped Crusader’ Animated Series not moving forward at HBO MAX

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BBC to release more Doctor Who ‘lost’ stories animations for 60th anniversary

The Daily Mirror reported today (2nd January) that the BBC plans to release more ‘lost’ Doctor Who episodes in animated form. The BBC have not confirmed this at time of writing.

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‘Harley Quinn’ renewed for fourth season

DC animated series ‘Harley Quinn‘ animated series came back to HBO Max for Season 3 earlier this summer, and today we’ve learned via Deadline that it has been renewed for a fourth season at the streamer.

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‘Batman: Caped Crusader’ Animated Series not moving forward at HBO MAX

Variety has reported that HBO Max has canceled six upcoming animated series, including Batman: Caped Crusader.

The project was ordered to series in May 2021 with Bruce Timm (Batman The Animated Series), J.J. Abrams (Star Wars – The Rise Of Skywalker, Matt Reeves (The Batman) attached to executive produce.

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Retrospective: Doctor Who – Scream of The Shalka (2003)

Written by Cavan Gilbey

2003 saw the celebration of Doctor Who’s fortieth anniversary, but the show was still off air with only the audio dramas, books and occasional animation on the website to satisfy the demands of fans. Luckily enough it was announced that year that Russel T Davies would be bringing the show back to television with Christopher Ecclestone and Billie Piper headlining the series, but to just slap the cherry on top of this sweet pie; 2003 would see the first completely animated Doctor Who serial called Scream of the Shalka.

Now barely anyone actually talks about this story, mostly because it’s one of the more niche bits of Modern Who history but it does seem to get a hell of a lot of love despite its status as a strange bit of non-canon material. Although it probably now is cannon given the reveal seen in The Timeless Children from a couple of years ago. But putting that garbage aside for a second, Scream of the Shalka is genuinely delightful and is a superbly written story that never overstays its welcome but instead leaves you wanting more, but the only other material we have from this Doctor is a novelisation and a short story (which is pretty good by the way).

So without further ado let’s delve into what makes this story so good, naturally all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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Trailer released for ‘Harley Quinn’ season 3

The trailer has been released for the third season of HBO Max’s DC animated show Harley Quinn. Check out the trailer below

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Star Trek: Lower Decks season 3 gets teaser trailer

A teaser trailer has arrived for animated Star Trek spin-off Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 as part of a panel at Star Trek: Mission Chicago, a three-day Star Trek fan event filled with exclusive panels and reveals devoted to the wildly popular — and ever-expanding — sci-fi franchise. Star Trek: Lower Decks, which premiered in 2019 and follows the lower decks-residing crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos, will begin streaming its third season exclusively on Paramount+ later this year and is already renewed for a fourth season.

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BBC America to stop funding of Doctor Who ‘lost’ stories animations

The Daily Mirror reported today (12th January) that the BBC plans to no longer animate anymore ‘lost’ Doctor Who episodes due to funding issues.


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Trailer released for ‘Crossing Swords’ season 2

A new trailer and key art for the upcoming second season of Hulu’s adult animated series ‘Crossing Swords’.

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Trailer released for animated lost ‘Doctor Who’ adventure ‘Galaxy Four’

Galaxy Four, the mostly-missing Doctor Who serial starring William Hartnell as the First Doctor, has been given the animation treatment and a trailer has been released today  It will be released on 15th November 2021 on DVD, Blu-ray and as an exclusive Steelbook, filling another gap in missing Doctor Who episodes.

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