Kevin Smith documentary ‘Clerk’ gets release date.

The documentary Clerk from director Malcom Ingram (Small Town Gay Bar, Out To Win) explores the life and career of filmmaker and multi-hyphenate Kevin Smith. The film which had its premiere in March at SXSW and will now get a digital release on November 23rd 2021 thanks to a distribution deal with 1091 Pictures (The Last Blockbuster). The news comes as Smith celebrates his 51st birthday which coincides with production starting on Clerks III, the long-in-the-works sequel to his self-funded 1994 indie smash that launched his career as a writer-director, actor, comic book guru, podcaster, producer and TV host. The documentary features actor and long-time Smith collaborator Jason Mewes along with fellow collaborators and friends including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Justin Long and Richard Linklater and never-before-seen footage of the late George Carlin and Stan Lee.

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