Review: Blindfire

Blindfire is the debut feature from writer/director Michael Nell and starring Brian Geraghty, Sharon Leal & Bethany Joy Lenz.

A police officer who while responding to a violent hostage call, kills the African American suspect only to later learn of his innocence. Sensing this was a set-up, and facing repercussions, he must track down the person responsible while examining his own accountability and the ingrained racism which brought him to this point.

This timely film, inspired by real life events very much ties in to the recent Black Lives Matter movement as we see officer Will Bishop (Brian Geraghty) dealing with the fall-out from a ‘blindfire’ incident where he wrongfully shot dead an African American man  when responding to a 911 call. As the truth of the incident is revealed we see that is is more complex that is first appears as Bishop must confront the consequences of his actions as he wrestles with wether to place the blame inwardly and outwardly whilst dealing with the family’s search for the truth and the institutions trying to protect their own interests. Geraghty provides an an admirable performance as a charecter that is facing an internal moral dilema and whilst their are no happy endings in this story, Nell finishes it in a way that should satisfy most viewers.


The film is now available now on Prime Video, DVD & BluRay

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