Our top Pride Month reads

To celebrate LGBT+ Pride Month is month this June, check out our list of the 10 best books to read this month that reflect and celebrate the diversity of the modern LGBTQ+ experience.


From ground-breaking autobiographies and books by prominent queer authors to the newest love comedies on TikTok, and from definitive works on activism and allyship to perfect introductions on inclusivity and LGBTQ+ issues for children.

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Review: You Resemble Me

Review written by Ruby Lawson.

You Resemble Me, is a 2021 internationally co-produced drama film, directed by Dina Amer in her directorial debut, from a screenplay by Amer and Omar Mullick. It stars Lorenza Grimaudo, Ilonna Grimaudo, Mouna Soualem, Sabrina Ouazani, Dina Amer, Alexandre Gonin, Grégoire Colin and Zinedine Soualem.

Spike Lee, Spike Jonze, Riz Ahmed and Alma Har’el serve as executive producers on the film.

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Review: COAST

Review written by Ruby Lawson.

COAST, is an 2022 independent film directed by Jessica Hester and Derek Schweickart from a screenplay by Cindy Kitagawa, who was inspired by her own childhood experiences, COAST blends the explorative experience of self-discovery with the untarnished filter of youth.

The film’s vibrant ensemble cast is anchored by Fátima Ptacek (longtime voice of Dora the Explorer); stand-up comedian Cristela Alonzo (Cars 3); and Academy Award® winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter).

Restless music-lover Abby (Ptacek) is desperate to escape the predominantly agricultural central California coast, where young thrill-seekers clash with generations of tradition. A new rebellious friend shakes up her crew, and she clashes with her newly-single mother (Alonzo), who is facing her own midlife crossroads and finding unexpected encouragement from an ailing patient (Leo). When Abby falls for the lead singer of a touring rock band (Kane Ritchotte), she finds herself on the precipice of a life-altering decision. Supported by a killer soundtrack and breakout performances, COAST is about finding your truth and letting the music take you home.

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Review: ‘Murder, Anyone?’ – Whodunnit spoof, from the the mind of Gordon Bressack

From director James Cullen Bressack comes the incredibly witty and personal film ‘ Murder, Anyone?’ as he brings to life the words of his late father Gordon Bressack, acclaimed writer better known for his work on animated shows like Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs. One of seven un-produced Bressack screenplays, it was originally written and put on as a stage play.

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Review: ‘Pennywise – The Story of IT’ Documentary

Pennywise – The Story Of It is a new in-depth documentary about the 1990 cult hit mini-series, based on Stephen King’s iconic novel IT. The documentary tells a story heard by few and showcases a wealth of behind-the-scenes footage and photos seen by even fewer.
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Review: ‘Doctor Who Am I’ Documentary

Doctor Who Am I is a new documentary from Matthew Jacobs & Vanessa Yuille.

Infamous Doctor Who screenwriter, Matthew Jacobs, is reluctantly dragged back into the American ‘Whoniverse’ to face the fandom that brutally rejected his work 25 years earlier.

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Review: Love in Kilnerry

Love in Kilnerry is a new small-town comedy from writer/director/star Daniel Keith. Originally devised as a stage play, the film features an ensemble case alongside Keith including Kathy Searle, Roger Hendricks Simon, Sybil Lines, James Patrick Nelson, Sheila Stasack, Tony Triano & Debargo Sanyal.

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Review: Clerks III

From writer, director and star Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot); Clerks III reunites Brian O’Halloran (Clerks franchise), Jeff Anderson (Clerks franchise), Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Mallrats), Trevor Fehrman (Clerks II) and Rosario Dawson (Death Proof, Sin City, Ahsoka) for another installment, and this time they are back at the Quick Stop in New Jersey – the setting of Smith’s 1994 debut Clerks.

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Review: Orphan – First Kill

* Spoiler Free *

Orphan: First Kill is a 2022 American psychological horror film, serving as a prequel to the 2009 film Orphan. The film is directed by William Brent Bell, from a screenplay by David Coggeshall, and a story by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Alex Mace.

Orphan: First Kill stars Isabelle Fuhrman, Julia Stiles, Rossif Sutherland, Matthew Finlan, Hiro Kanagawa and Samantha Walkes. Continue reading

Review: Prey

Prey is a 2022 American period science fiction action film directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Patrick Aison, based on the Predator franchise by Jim Thomas and John Thomas.

It is the fifth installment in the franchise and a prequel to the first four films. It stars Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro, Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush, and Julian Black Antelope.

Prey premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 21, 2022, and was released by 20th Century Studios as a Hulu original film on August 5, 2022.

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