First look and release date for Kevin Smith’s ‘Masters Of The Universe: Revelation’ Part 2

Kevin Smith has released the first look image and release date for Part 2 of his animated Netflix show Masters Of The Universe: Revelation. The five episodes which formed Part 1 were released on Netflix in July 2021 with the last five episodes (Part 2) due to be released November 23rd 2021.

Masters of The Universe: Revelation is a Netflix Original anime series created by Smith and based upon the characters of Masters of the Universe in a collaboration between Netflix and Mattel Television. The series is produced by Powerhouse Animation Studio and is the third series to be produced for Netflix. by the studio after Castlevania and Seis Manos.

Smith is writer and show-runner and is joined by four writers; Marc Bernardin (Castle Rock), Eric Carrasco (Supergirl), Diya Mishra (October Faction) and Tim Sheridan (Batman The Long Halloween). The show’s voice cast including Mark Hamill, Lena HeadeySarah Michelle GellarLiam CunninghamChris Wood, Kevin Michael Richardson, Kevin Conroy, Justin Long, Phil Lamarr, Tony Todd and Alicia Silverstone.

A new toy line from Mattel is available to pre-order in the UK from Forbidden Planet and Amazon

tie-in comic book has also available.

Trailer for Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Netflix anime show from Kevin Smith

Prequel comic-book for Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Netflix series Announced

Order Masters of the Universe (1987) on BluRay

New film book Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash: The Definitive Visual History to be released
Arrow Video announce MallRats (Limited Edition) BluRay

Check out details on our upcoming Kevin Smith documentary: KevHeads currently in pre-production.

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