Chucky meets Michael Myers in new promo TV spot

This week see Don Mancini’s Chucky series premiering on SYFY & USA last night and Halloween Kills headed to theaters and Peacock on Friday. Yes, both Chucky and Michael Myers are back in the very same week, and since they’re both Universal properties, well, that means the two can co-exist within the same marketing. Now Universal have allowed the two iconic characters to meet for the first time in a new TV Spot for you may have seen while watching “Chucky” last night.

The spot advertises the theatrical/Peacock release of Halloween Kills, beginning with Chucky carving up a pumpkin with his trusty kitchen knife. What does he carve into that pumpkin, you ask? The iconic mask of Michael Myers, of course. The TV spot then reveals that Michael himself is standing close by, and he smashes his own trusty kitchen knife into the pumpkin.

“What, you don’t like it?” Chucky asks Michael Myers, the very first time the two horror icons have appeared on screen together.

Trailer for Chucky TV series released

Final trailer released for Halloween Kills

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