‘Chucky’ TV series Episode 1 – ‘Death By Misadventure’ review (SPOILER FREE)

 The ‘Chucky’ TV series from franchise creator Don Mancini has now launched on SYFY and Universal streaming service Peacock and we take a look at Episode One – ‘Death By Misadventure’. And don’t worry we have tried to avoid any spoilers…


After a vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos as a series of horrifying murders begins to expose the town’s hypocrisies and secrets.

The cast includes Devon SawaZackary ArthurTeo BrionesBjorgvin ArnarsonAlyvia Alyn LindLexa Doig and David Kohlsmith. Franchise alumni Alex Vincent, Christine EliseJennifer Tilly and Fiona Dourif also set to appear as well as Brad Douriff providing the voice of Chucky. 

Episode synopsis:

When 14-year-old budding artist Jake Wheeler buys a vintage Good Guy doll at a yard sale, intending to use it in his latest sculpture, his young life will change forever–for better and worse.

This modern version of the Child’s Play story wears its heart on its sleeve as we follow 14-year old Jake (Zackary Arthur) struggle with being ‘different’ and gay in a small town where he faces resentment from his father (Devon Sawa) and ridicule from his cousin (Teo Briones) as well as middle-school Queen Bee and head bitch Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind).

His artistic interests leads to him finding Chucky at a local yard sale and the inevitable mayhem ensues… 

Mancini directs this episode and has clearly learnt some things from his time on shows such as Hannibal as there is a strong visual style to the episode (with credit to series DOP Colin Hoult)  – using some of the classic Chucky POV shots as well more elegant camera movements.

This is no instant gore fest but more of a slow burner. The action sequences and jump scares are mixed in perfectly with dialogue and character driven scenes. There are also plenty of winks to the franchise and horror in general with a good balance struck between fan service and introducing new fans to the franchise. 

A real treat of this series is the music; with original score by horror legend Joseph LoDuca (The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Cult of Chucky) who creates a grand and epic score that far exceeds what we usually hear on TV mixed in with excellent contemporary needle drops (overseen by music supervisor Charles Haggard) – this is a soundtrack you will surely want to own!

4/5 – A strong start to the next chapter in this illustrious franchise that touches on some deeper issues.

New episodes air every Tuesday on SYFY and the next day on Peacock.  

Chucky meets Michael Myers in new promo TV spot

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