Review: ‘Clerk’ – Documentary about the life/career of indie film-maker/podcaster Kevin Smith

The documentary Clerk from director Malcom Ingram (Small Town Gay Bar, Out To Win) explores the life and career of filmmaker and multi-hyphenate Kevin Smith.

The documentary features actor and long-time Smith collaborator Jason Mewes along with fellow collaborators and friends including Ben AffleckMatt DamonJustin Long and Richard Linklater and never-before-seen footage of the late George Carlin and Stan Lee.Showing an obvious love and admiration for the subject matter, Ingram’s documentary delves deep into the psyche and mythos of Smith, from his humble New Jersey roots to his more recent struggles and constant re-inventions of his career. We spend a large portion of the film following Smith and hearing these stories from the horses mouth but there is also fresh and candid interviews with his friends, family, collaborators and fans, exploring how he has positively impacted their lives as a whole.

The film serves as an intimate portrait of an artist and his creative struggles. Stylistically this is no fly-by-night endeavour but clearly the result of many years of work and with a run-time of almost two hours has more in common with the works of Ken Burns than flashier modern Netflix-style docs. The subject matter is treated with the utmost sincerity whilst still being tongue-in-cheek. The result is heart-warming and inspirational if a little too indulgent in places.


The film had its premiere in March at SXSW and is released on November 23rd 2021 thanks to a distribution deal with 1091 Pictures (The Last Blockbuster).

Order/watch on HD/4K digital from Amazon USA. A DVD version is also available at Amazon USA.

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