New tech driving live gaming studio popularity

In the iGaming industry, nothing stays new for too long. A groundbreaking development gets improved on faster than you can imagine. That has been the case with live gaming studios, where industry leader Evolution Gaming can’t stop coming up with something even more impressive.

Saying that your company are “game creators and game changers” is a bold statement indeed. Evolution Gaming states that on their website, but it’s extremely hard to disagree with them.

The iGaming industry has seen many changes in recent decades. To think we used to be satisfied with the video games we played. We never imagined how modern technology would totally change the industry’s landscape. Now, if we’re fed up with seeing what’s on Prime Video, we can take join a live streaming experience of our own.

Paying a visit to your local casino can be an enjoyable experience. Even more so if a good win comes along and the taxi fare home isn’t too expensive. Then came the online casinos to allow us to play our favourite games 24/7. 

It wasn’t quite the same, though, was it? Video versions of games such as roulette, blackjack and poker lacked that personal touch you had down at your local casino. Evolution Gaming had the answer to that problem and began using studios to create a live casino environment.

This was a massive step forward with live dealers who you could interact with. There were plenty of cameras showing the action in the live casino. You could interact with other players, and there were various versions of classic games. The live casinos became even more important during the pandemic as the land-based casinos were closed during the lockdowns.

If you play at an online casino, ensure it is one that is fully licensed. These regulated platforms will likely have a live dealer studio selection that is one of the best online.

Watching television isn’t all about antiques and cooking a decent supper. Game shows play an important part in what the late Bernard Cribbins would call a “televisual feast.” For some people, teatime was incomplete without watching another episode of ‘Deal or No Deal.’  

It’s basically choosing boxes and hoping that they don’t contain the highest amounts you can win. Throw in an evil banker; if you could stand Noel Edmonds, then it was an entertaining show.

Those teatime delights are over now, but ‘Deal or No Deal’ has always been a hit at online casinos. There are several video versions of the game that you can play. However, they do leave you wanting a little bit more entertainment.

Time for Evolution Gaming to use its studios for purposes other than a live casino. They launched ‘Deal or No Deal Live’ which can be played 24/7. An unlimited number of online players can take part as they hope to avoid those big money boxes.

It’s a bit different from the television version of the game. It begins by using Random Number Generator technology. That has been used in slot games, and now it is seen here as players spin a three-reel bank vault. 

Each spin is vital as it determines just how high the value of the biggest prize briefcase will be. Then there’s a prize top-up round with more chances to multiply the values of the briefcases.

Once that’s all out of the way, the live game begins and bears a good resemblance to the TV show. Little talent is needed here, but if your luck is in, a big prize can be won.

The success of ‘Deal or No Deal Live’, with Noel Edmonds has seen Evolution release a string of game shows. As the website says, these games give players an “immersive and totally involving gaming experience.”

When the subject of your game already has an established fan base, that’s always a good head start. That’s definitely the case with ‘Monopoly Live’, and fans of this legendary game now have a totally different way of playing it.

There’s a money wheel that includes both ‘Chance’ and ‘2 Rolls’, giving players the chance to win cash, multipliers and entry to a very special game. That’s another example of how technology changes the games we love. 

Players can enter a 3D Bonus Game, and up pops Mr Monopoly. He goes on a journey around a Monopoly board as you’ve never seen before, with the chance to win big prizes all the way. It makes you wonder what Evolution will have in store for us in the future.

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