Indira Varma joins Doctor Who

Award-winning actress Indira Varma is crossing galaxies as she joins the new series of Doctor Who. First entering the world of Doctor Who as Suzie Costello in Russell T Davies’ spin-off series Torchwood, Indira now steps aboard the TARDIS in her new mysterious role as the Duchess.

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Can a MacBook Be a Solid Gaming Laptop?

Not everyone has managed to get their preferred console for gaming. Perhaps you received a MacBook a few years ago as a Christmas gift or purchased one for yourself for work and cannot rationalise the thought of spending yet another five hundred dollars on the newest gaming console.

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4 Ways Casino Movies Are Influencing Gambling Culture

From the early years of the Hollywood industry, it is clear that gambling has significantly influenced popular culture since casinos are frequently featured extensively in movies and television shows. Even if you don’t feel the urge to go to a gaming house, those scenes will ignite a great deal of impact on your thoughts. If you’ve had the time to see a lot of gambling movies, your opinion of the business might have been affected. 

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Top 10 Iconic Poker Scenes in Films

There have been plenty of poker scenes in movies over the years, but not all are as memorable as others.

Poker is one of the most popular casino games in the world, but it’s also very popular in movies. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of our favourite poker scenes on film so that next time you’re watching one of these movies with friends at home – or while playing cards yourself – you can impress them with your knowledge of gambling history.

There are plenty of movie scenes portraying bad poker etiquette but here are some of our favourite poker scenes from some classic films:

Here are our top 10 iconic casino scenes from films.

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Why Themed Parties are getting more popular

When you think of the perfect party, what do you imagine? You probably imagine a bunch of people sitting around a table chatting, or a room full of dancing and music. Or maybe even both? If you’ve ever hosted or attended one of these parties, you know how much fun they can be. But today’s parties are changing as more people want to get creative with their celebrations.

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New tech driving live gaming studio popularity

In the iGaming industry, nothing stays new for too long. A groundbreaking development gets improved on faster than you can imagine. That has been the case with live gaming studios, where industry leader Evolution Gaming can’t stop coming up with something even more impressive.

Saying that your company are “game creators and game changers” is a bold statement indeed. Evolution Gaming states that on their website, but it’s extremely hard to disagree with them.

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How Gambling Movies Are Impacting The Popularity Of Casino Games

There aren’t many things as good as movies when it comes to setting trends and popularity. They’ve been doing it for decades. And one industry that has felt the impact of films in a beneficial fashion is online casino gaming, which continues to go from strength to strength.

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Five Android games every geek needs to play

The average nerd among us is currently being captivated by the new series of Doctor Who, and somewhat understandably so too, but you can almost guarantee that gaming shapes some of their day also. In fact, gaming is being enjoyed by more people than ever before, largely thanks to the emergence of the powerful mobile phone devices we all have available to us in 2021. 

One such gaming option which has demonstrated particular growth in the modern-day has been smartphone gaming, with the population of mobile gamers growing on a seemingly regular basis. All the average person needs is access to a modern-day smartphone and then, from there, users can download a range of titles or surf the web for games with ease. Arguably the best operating system to game on is Android, with a whole selection of Android titles being tailored towards the geek community. Let’s take a look at five of them below. Continue reading