Netflix ‘You’ season 4 gets teaser and release date.

Neflix has given us a first teaser and release date for ‘You’ Season 4 as part of their TUDUM fan event. The first part of the season will return February 10th 2023; with the second part due to release March 10th 2023.

Following the shocking events of Season 3, the next season of You will serve as a new beginning for Joe as he crosses the pond and builds a new life in London. In England, Joe adopts a new identity as Professor Jonathan Moore, using his encyclopaedic knowledge about books to blend in with the intellectual cast of London. In the trailer, Joe promises he’s keeping his extracurricular activities strictly professional. Still, we know he can’t control himself and will soon start to commit gruesome crimes in the name of love.


Some of Joe’s (Penn Badgley) potential victims are Marianne (Tati Gabrielle), who returns after escaping with her daughter at the end of Season 3. Other newcomers introduced in the trailer are Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman) and Kate (Charlotte Ritchie), new regular characters that might catch Joe’s attention. The trailer also introduces Ed Speleers as Rhys, Joe’s new colleague. There are also new friends in Joe’s social circle, people he seems to despise but still keeps close by for appearances. These include Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe, Lukas Gage as Adam, Niccy Lin as Sophie, Aidan Cheng as Simon, Eve Austin as Gemma, Ozioma Whenu as Blessing, and Dario Coates as Connie.

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