Review: Torchwood – SUV

Review by Cavan Gilbey

Tosh and Ianto have had two of my favourite Torchwood audios recently, both of which really utilise the characters to tell engaging and personal emotional character studies which have these great darker edges to them; Ianto’s almost fetishistic need to feel loved or Tosh’s treatment at the hands of institutional racism in the medical world. So putting these two members together specifically is a great choice and worked really well in their previous joint adventure Dinner and a Show. SUV doesn’t quite feel as fresh or interesting as that story, in fact much of this story feels too much like a retread of the character work done there but the pairing are still charismatic enough to make the audio overall fun and snappy.

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Review: Torchwood – Suckers

Review by Cavan Gilbey

Tosh is often placed at the centre of some of Torchwood’s more experimental audio stories. The perfect piracy commentary Cascade, the anger management focused story Instant Karma and Dinner and a Show explored her little seen friendship with Ianto. Of all of the main team, Tosh has the most consistent catalogue of good stories; a catalogue Suckers happily fits in. New writer Alexander Stewart gives a fresh take on the often overused amnesia narrative and mental ward setting by giving us a story with far more human stakes that are more terrifying than any alien could ever be.

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Review: Torchwood – Drive

Review by Jacob Licklider

When adapting Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet for the modern day, Steven Moffat noticed that everyone trusts a cabbie.  They’re paid to take you from point A to point B, putting up with your terrible drunkenness and your insults.  Torchwood: Drive by David Llewellyn uses the back of a cab as its primary setting with Toshiko Sato on her own with the rest of Torchwood Three off on other missions leaving Tosh in charge of saving the world.

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Review: Torchwood – Dinner and a Show

Review by Jacob Licklider

Mild spoilers

Gareth David-Lloyd contributes this month’s release; implying it is set sometime during Series 2 of the show.  This releases character focus is looking at the ‘sensible’ halves of the relationships on the show, Toshiko Sato in the Tosh/Owen relationship and Ianto in the Ianto/Jack relationship.  A performance of the opera Faust invaded by aliens, many of whom are simply looking to appreciate a different planet’s culture and an alien performer.  It’s also Valentine’s Day and both Owen and Jack have essentially ghosted their significant others.  It is implied that Jack isn’t available and Owen is still being Owen, going off and being unable to grapple with his own emotions.

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Review: Torchwood – Instant Karma

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Tosh (Naoko Mori) wants some time out from her work mates and so the chance to follow up on some deaths; seemingly from natural causes that she believes to be suspicious, is the perfect chance. But how do you stop someone who can kill Just by wanting to? As the man in question is a bus driver, it might not take that much to annoy him. Can Tosh stop him in time? And will his friend help her, or follow him?
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