Kevin Smith launches Moobys PopUp in LA

MOOBY’S, the fictional restaurant from Kevin Smith’s movies, finally comes to life!
The restaurant was trialed earlier in the year as a delivery/pick-up only service due to Covid-19 however the organisers have now announced it will be open as a physical pop-up experience from next week.

‘Mooby the Golden Calf’ is a fictional children’s television character created by writer/director Kevin Smith which is the figurehead of a fictional fast food chain that is featured throughout the View Askewniverse, most notably in the films Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II and more recently appeared again in 2019’s Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Each ticket includes a Mooby’s Meal with selections of a Moo Main + Salt Lick Side (vegan & non vegan options available). Beverages, additional side items, desserts and merchandise are available in advance. Visitors will not be able to dine in but will be able to enjoy several View Askewniverse themed photo-ops when collecting orders and have the option to eat socially distanced outside at the restaurants patio area as well as the chance to purchase further merch items.

A variety of moobys-themed merch items such as T-Shirts & pins are available to purchase along with meals or through the webstore.


Booking and further info are available at

Check out details on our upcoming Kevin Smith documentary: KevHeads currently in pre-production.

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