Review: Stay Awake

Stay Awake is a new film from writer/director Jamie Sisley based his own adolescence, the film tells the story of two teenage brothers struggling to care for their mother, as she works through addiction to prescription drugs and opioids. The film premiered at the 72nd Berlin Film Festival where it won he German Arthouse Cinema Award and the Generation Youth Jury Special Mention.

In the film Brothers Ethan (Wyatt Oleff) and Derek (Fin Argus) try their best to navigate the pressures of teenage life while tending to their mother’s (Chrissy Metz) debilitating prescription drug addiction. Based on the filmmaker’s adolescence in small-town America, Stay Awake is a personal exploration of the roller coaster ride that families go on while trying to help their loved ones with a disease that affects millions every day.

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‘But I’m A Cheerleader’ director’s cut headed to BluRay

Classic 90s LGBT fan-favourite comedy But I’m A Cheerleader heads to Blu-ray in U.K.  this June from a new 4K-restored Director’s Cut (from director Jamie Babbit).

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Review: Killer Concept

Review by Paul Grammatico

As a wannabe writer, it’s always a difficult endeavour to create a decent idea that’s in any way compelling. When attempting to script a story that’s ripped from the headlines, makes it an even harder chore. It takes research, interviewing witnesses and law enforcement, and the dilemma of either telling the straight story (which is near next to impossible), or to use some form of artistic license. Aside from interrogating the perpetrator, you may never form this story into accuracy, delving into the realm of a Rashomon conundrum. Killer Concept, a horror/comedy offering produced by Dead Leaf Productions and distributed by Indie Rights, gives us a three-way where one of the characters knows slightly more about the story than the other two.

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Review: Heckle ‘A Slow Burn Turns Slasher’ (FrightFest 2020)

Review by Paul Grammatico

Many people in the entertainment industry get dragged on various social media channels. Being an almost unknown entity in this realm, I wouldn’t know what it would mean to be a target of such malice nor would I want to as I have been either a witness or an accidental bystander of such bashing on these platforms. I think that the worse verbal beating would be standing on a stage in front of an audience. Many stand-up comedians have been heckled by audience members during their acts. Most comedians, being experts in their craft of verbal stylings, can brush aside most instigators, but there are times where their retorts can go too far and end a career (channeling Michael Richards). Being a comic can be a brutal and fleeting business.

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‘Bill and Ted Face The Music’ release moves forward (Again!)

We recently brought you the news that Bill & Ted Face The Music’  would be released later than planned in select Theaters And VOD the same day – 1st September 2020. Well now, in the continuing release re-shuffle that date has been brought forward to August 28th 2020 and still set to be released the same day on VOD and in select theaters.

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Review: Clapboard Jungle (FrightFest 2020)

Clapboard Jungle is a new documentary about the life and struggles of today’s indie film-makers, told by & from the perspective of film-maker Justin McConnell (Lifechanger) as we follow his personal film journey and struggles as well as a series of insighful ‘talking heads’ from a variety industry figures including Guillermo Del Toro, Richard Stanley, Barbara Crampton, Paul Schrader, Tom Savini, George A. Romero, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Michael Biehn, Frank Henenlotter & Lloyd Kaufmann. Continue reading

‘The New Mutants’ release opening of the film during ComicCon@Home

During ComicCon&Home panel, on Thursday, July 23rd thd opening minutes of the film were previewed.  The panel featured stars Anya Taylor Joy, Maise Williams, Henry Zaga , Blu Hunt, Charlie Heaton and director Josh Boone. The panel is moderated by Ira Madison.  The panel can be viewed in full here.

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Bill and Ted coming to cinemas/VOD in September and new trailer released!

We recently brought you the news that Bill & Ted Face The Music’  would be released later than planned, on 27th August 2020 (originally slated for August 21, 2020). Well now it has been confirmed the release will move AGAIN and it will now be coming to select Theaters And VOD the same day – 1st September 2020. A new trailer and poster have been released.

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‘The New Mutants’ teaser released and ComicCon@Home panel announced

News has dropped today that 20th Century X-Men film ‘The New Mutants‘ will have a ComicCon&Home panel, on Thursday, July 23rd at 2PM PT featuring starts Anya Taylor Joy, Maise Williams, Henry Zaga , Blu Hunt, Charlie Heaton and director Josh Boone. The panel is moderated by Ira Madison. They have also released a brand new trailer for the film:

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