Actress Barbara Shelley (Hammer horror, Doctor Who, Blake’s 7) passes away aged 88

We are sad to report that British actress Barbara Shelley has passed away aged 88. She had recently spent time in hospital with Covid-19 and appeared to have recovered, however she seems to have succumbed to related complications.

She starred in numerous Hammer horror movies, including Quatermass and the Pit, The Gorgon, Dracula Prince of Darkness and Rasputin the Mad Monk as well as Village of the Damned.

Her television appearances include the first Danger Man episode, “View From A Villa” (1960), plus a subsequent episode that season, “The Traitor” (also 1960); The Saint (1962), an episode of The New Phil Silvers Show (1963), two episodes of 12 O’Clock High (1965 and 1966); The Avengers episodes “Dragonsfield” (1961) and “From Venus With Love” (1967); the TV miniseries Prince Regent (1979); The Borgias (1981); the Blake’s 7 episode “Stardrive” (1981); the Crown Court episode ‘Proof Spirits’ (1981) and EastEnders (1988).

She also appeared the Doctor Who serial Planet of Fire (1984) as Sorasta.

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