Review: ‘Murder, Anyone?’ – Whodunnit spoof, from the the mind of Gordon Bressack

From director James Cullen Bressack comes the incredibly witty and personal film ‘ Murder, Anyone?’ as he brings to life the words of his late father Gordon Bressack, acclaimed writer better known for his work on animated shows like Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs. One of seven un-produced Bressack screenplays, it was originally written and put on as a stage play.

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‘Frasier – The Complete Series’ coming to BluRay

For the first time the iconic sit-com Frasier is coming to BluRay with the release of ‘Frasier – The Complete Series‘ box set from CBS.

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Review – Kringle Time

Kringle Time is a new dark comedy feature debut from director Matthew Lucas, who self-produced and financed the project with writer Zan Gillies. The film is out now in North America on TVOD, BluRay & DVD from Gravitas Ventures.

When Kringles (Vernon Wells, “The Road Warrior,” “Commando”) — the singing, dancing snowman on a popular kids’ show — drops dead on live TV, a citywide crisis brings several small town characters out of the woodwork. To keep the ship afloat, a down-on-his-luck station manager named Jerry (Benny Elledge, “Happy,” “Gotham”) must don the Kringles costume himself. But the cast and crew are rooting against him, the added pressure is too much for his girlfriend (Gigi Edgley, “Farscape”), and the mayor (Jeff Wincott, “Night Heat”) won’t stop pestering him about building a pointless memorial statue. To make matters worse, the ghost of Kringles returns to haunt Jerry, revealing a dark secret that he carried to the grave. With Kringles’ reputation on the line, Jerry has to choose what his legacy will be as the man beneath the mask.

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‘But I’m A Cheerleader’ director’s cut headed to BluRay

Classic 90s LGBT fan-favourite comedy But I’m A Cheerleader heads to Blu-ray in U.K.  this June from a new 4K-restored Director’s Cut (from director Jamie Babbit).

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‘Happy Death Day’ and ‘Freaky’ directors next project confirmed

Writer/director Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2U, Freaky) is set to produce his next horror/genre project. ‘Time Cut is described as “Back to the Future meets Scream.” That’s all we know about this one for now, as plot details are under wraps.

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Beavis & Butthead are coming back in Comedy Central reboot with Mike Judge

Comedy Central announced Wednesday that the loudmouth animated duo Beavis & Butthead are getting a rebooted series at the cable network with original series creator Mike Judge (Silicon Valley, King of The Hill, Office Space) signed on to write, produce and provide the voices for both iconic characters.

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Review: BATSH*T BRIDE (2020)

BATSH*T BRIDE is a new comedy from writer/director Jonathan Smith and stars Meghan Falcone, Josh Covitt, Jonny Svarzbein, Alicia Giangrisostomi, Shaina Vorspan, Kayla Conroy and Patrick Collins.

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Review: A Legacy of Whining

A Legacy of Whining is a new comedy feature from writer/director/star Ross Munro.

The past ain’t all it’s cracked up to be when two former high school friends reunite thirty years later in a painfully comedic and bittersweet rollercoaster of an evening.

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Review: Raiders of the Hidden Donald Trump Fetish Doll (Short)

‘Raiders of Hidden Donald Trump Fetish Doll’  is a comedy short from writer/director Angel Connell; who also stars playing a version of himself.

“An independent movie director (Angel Connell) in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign fends off a variety of malevolent individuals who seek to steal his ultimate crowdfunding perk: a Donald Trump fetish doll.” 

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