Review: Unit Nemesis – Objective: Earth

Review by Jacob Licklider

As Big Finish retired their 16 episode miniseries for the Eighth Doctor, late 2021 saw the start of UNIT: Nemesis, a revival of their New Series UNIT range specifically chronicling an escalating threat to the planet Earth in the present day. Between Two Worlds began the miniseries by setting up the threat of the Eleven and the arches, Agents of the Vulpreen chronicled the first bouts of violence between Earth and the Vulpreen, and now we have Objective: Earth setting up the conflict for a final resolution in the fourth set.

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Review: Doctor Who – The Flying Dutchman / Displaced

Review by Jacob Licklider

Big Finish Production’s decision to go back to earlier story arcs and TARDIS teams for some of their Main Range releases has often been a stroke of genius; it allows listeners to experience
teams whose stories are over for a burst of nostalgia and partaking in the age old tradition of the missing adventure. September’s Main Range duo-logy is one of these; reuniting Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor with Sophie Aldred’s Ace and Philip Olivier’s Hex for some adventures early in the team’s run of adventures from two writers new to Big Finish. Gemma Arrowsmith and Katharine Armitage provide their first Doctor Who stories with The Flying Dutchman and Displaced.

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