‘Evil Dead Rise’ getting Digital & 4K Blu-ray Release

The latest instalment in the Evil Dead franchise ‘Evil Dead Rise’ is coming to Digital this week (9th May).

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Trailer released for ‘Evil Dead Rise’

The first trailer has been released from the latest instalment in the Evil Dead franchise ‘Evil Dead Rise’. Check out the trailer below.

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Bruce Campbell teases ‘Evil Dead Rise’ Trailer

Bruce Campbell has unveiled a teaser for Evil Dead Rise’  with the promise of a full trailer arriving tomorrow (January 4, 2023).


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First look at ‘Evil Dead Rise’

The first image has been released from the latest instalment in the Evil Dead franchise ‘Evil Dead Rise’.

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Lionsgate to release The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II double feature set on 4K Ultra HD

Lionsgate is set to release Sam Raimi‘s The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II in a stunning 4K Ultra HD double feature set.

Both films have previously been released in 4K individually.

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Scream Factory to release Army of Darkness on 4K Ultra HD

Scream Factory is set to release Sam Raimi‘s Army of Darkness in stunning 4K Ultra HD, just in time for Halloween.

Further details on the special features for the release have been revealed today.

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Evil Dead Rise set for a theatrical release in 2023

Evil Dead Rise will be released on the big screen on April 21, 2023. The fifth installment of The Evil Dead franchise was set to premiere on HBO Max this year.

The news comes in the aftermath of big change over at Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max, which has saw the cancellation of many projects including Batgirl and Batman: Caped Crusader.

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Stay Groovy! 40th Anniversary retrospective of Sam Raimi’s ‘The Evil Dead’

40 Years Ago visionary director Sam Raimi brought the The Evil Dead to life on our screens with his own unique visual style and mix of comedy and horror and his indie low-budget debut feature would go on to spawn two hugely successful sequels, a remake, TV show, comic books, video games, stage productions, countless merchandise and launched Bruce Campbell’s career as an action/genre hero as well as changing the face of the genre forever.


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